The motto of the day was “… Let us embrace the soul, which is situated at the centre, we are not physical, but we are spiritual beings…”, as the yoga instructor, Gita, would repeat them to emphasize the importance of being aware of not only the things around us but the things that make us who we are. Bhakti Yoga Club is a Up affiliated club that encourages the use of yoga and meditation as a method to connect with one’s inner self. The society held its very first session  at the green gardens by the Botany building at Hatfield campus where approximately  twenty members of the society came through and were eager to learn. As the saying goes, “quiet the mind and the soul will speak”. The first thing the instructor told everyone to do was to  sit in a position that allows the body to be relaxed and then to be aware of their breathing, which was really helpful in blocking the distractions and quietening the mind.

Different styles of yoga, such as Hatha yoga and Ashtanga yoga which consist of moving your body slowly and switching to different poses that help you become more flexible and balanced were taught to the members. These yoga styles are known to be very important for relieving stress and tension, they also help with anxiety which is something that most students deal with. After an hour of doing yoga and meditating, the African monk and guru, Bhakti Narashima Swami graced the session with his presence and he went deep into explaining the mantras and how they are important to keep the mind clear during meditation, he also explained the importance of prioritising your spiritual self so that you can also be physically healthy.

Photo: Cletus Mulaudi

Minentle Mndiyata

Originally published on the PDBY website: Bhakti Yoga Club hosts its first session