When Francois van Coke, the lead singer of ‘Fokofpolisiekar’, collaborates with artists like Tasché, Jack Parrow, Elandré, Van Pletzen, and many more, passion sparks into an inferno of record-breaking entertainment within the Afrikaans music-industry. After two years of suppressed showmanship due to COVID-19, ‘Francois van Coke & Vriende’ delivered a fiery performance with songs old (‘old’ being synonymous with legendary), new and oh-so-taboo. The performances of ‘Early B’, ‘Spoegwolf’ and ‘Die Heuwels Fantasties’ came bursting into the SunBet Arena at Time Square on 25 September, closing out Heritage Week’s weekend festivities. About 8,500 tickets sold rapidly after the opening of their sales. Following the social media announcement of all the performing artists, the desire to attend became all the more alluring and irresistible. Half the audience stood at the foot of the stage, whilst the other half clambered into their tightly arranged seats. A little after 18:00, the arena was brimming with a sea of eager faces
ready to feast their eyes on the musicians that promised to entertain. With van Coke having released his latest solo album, “Kanniedood”, two days prior, the performance felt fresh and unexpected in its debut with new artists, new songs and plenty of new collaborations. Opening with an innovative and super rock-n-roll song, “SOS”, the stage was set alight. Songs that particularly stood out – as always – were “Dagdrome in Suburbia” (featuring Spoegwolf), “Komma” (a heartfelt favourite) and the very convincing “Ek lewe ek belowe” (featuring Die Heuwels Fantasties). However, a few new songs that might join the legacy soon are (the aforementioned) “SOS”, , “Hartseer Freaks”, “Nie
Alleen Nie” and “Rus in Vrede”. These new songs flooded social-media during (and after) the concert and are currently climbing the charts on local music streaming platforms. “Kanniedood” is on its way to outrank van Coke’s previous –already legendary – albums, and claim first place in the hearts of every hardcore South African.

DigitalManager and Megan Theunissen

Originally posted on the PDBY website: Francois van Coke & Vriende set fire to Sun Arena