On 28 August the penultimate game of the season took place – a sizzling exchange of the finest that Res rugby has to
offer. It saw OP claim victory over Sonop with a clinical 29-18 win.

It was a game filled with big hits, excellent skills, and a few fatal errors. It was a fixture worth the wait and a phenomenal way to close off the rugby calendar. At the kick-off, OP seemed determined to be their own greatest enemy. They had a barrage of errors and could not clinch golden opportunities. It ensured that they were 13-0 behind, as they not only found it difficult playing against their opponents, but also against themselves. Sonop ran rampant, scoring a try and converting two solid penalty kicks to ensure they had a dream start. It looked to many as if the final would run its course without a single crack of the infamous OP whips. Yet, right before halftime, the nerves of the OP players calmed. The result was a fantastic display of determination and grit as they scored two tries, the final one coming from the last play of the first half.

The game was brought within one point at halftime with a score line of 13-12. They say rugby is a game of two halves and this one was no exception. If the first half started like a house on fire for OP, the same could be said for Sonop after the break. A bewildering error by Sonop in their try area saw a five-meter scrum given away. OP wasted not a second to capitalize and seized the lead. The dread for Sonop did not stop there as their opponents scored a brilliant intercept try to make it 26-13. But with time running out and tensions flaring both on and off the field, Sonop responded. They scored a well-put-together move and showed a final display of class, but OP finally broke their hearts by converting a penalty kick to put the game firmly to bed. In this game where neither side held back, and everyone put in a phenomenal display, there were standout players. A calm flyhalf with a kicking boot and an inside centre that ran strong lines as well as created for others. Both found their names on the OP line-up and served their Res well.

It should also be noted that the 0/20 final took place before this game and saw Ekhaya and Morula battle it out. It was a nail-biting affair, but Ekhaya clinched a 15-14 victory and earned themselves some sweet bragging rights back at Res.

DigitalManager and Franco Marais

Originally published on the PDBY website: OP All the Way