When the Jacarandas have bloomed, and the heat is a representation of the academic climate, it means that the end-year exam season is upon us. Exams are always stressful regardless of the degree and for many students, the upcoming November exams will be their first-time writing exams on campus. PDBY consulted the UP 2022 General Academic Regulations and Student Rules Handbook to identify important exam rules to ensure all students enter the exam venue with knowledge of what to do when writing a UP exam. The main rules are as follows:
1. You will not be allowed to enter the exam venue
without a valid student card.
2. You will not be allowed to enter the exam venue later
than 30 minutes after the exam begins and you will not be
allowed to leave the venue earlier than 30 minutes after the
exam begins.
3. Obey all instructions given by the invigilator.
4. All electronic communication devices including cell
phones, smartwatches, earphones, laptops, and tablets must
be switched off and placed on the floor under the chair and
out of your line of sight. You will not be provided with any
stationery or equipment required to write your exam by the
6. Do not communicate with your classmates during the
exam under any circumstances.
7. You are not allowed to write on any paper other than the
ones provided for in the exam and you are prohibited from
removing any pages from the exam script.
8. Fill in your full name, surname, student number, and
signature on both the attendance slips and the exam script.
9. Do not cheat or attempt to cheat during the exam
If you are still feeling uncertain about the upcoming exams, PDBY consulted with various Faculty Student Advisors to find some tips to prepare for sit-down exams. Time management. Most exam anxiety comes from lack of preparation and procrastination. If you give yourself enough time to study, then you will enter the exams with
confidence. Find the location of your exam venues prior to writing to avoid unnecessary stress on the day of your exams. On the day of the exam, do not sit amongst groups trying to cram last minute studying as this can cause confusion and added stress. Do not aim to write the supplementary exam. Aim to write and pass the main exam.
For all practical and numerical subjects, practice the formulas the day they are taught and make use of past papers
in your study sessions. EMS students must make use of the EMS UP Principle which is to Understand before you Practice. If you begin to feel nervous during the exam, make use of mantras such as “stay calm” and the thought-stopping technique which consists of mentally shouting “STOP!” when having spiralling thoughts during the exam session. Be conscious of the allocated times and read the questions thoroughly. Exams are a personal experience that only you can prepare for. Make sure you follow the exam rules to prevent any disciplinary actions and make use of the exam tips provided by the Faculty Student Advisors to ensure that you are well prepared for your exams. Although the slogan might be a bit cheesy, the Finish Line truly is Yours. So, FLY@UP this exam season. You’ve Got This!

DigitalManager and Bokang Selepe

Originally posted on the PDBY website: Thirty degree weather and exams: A match made in hell