We have been featuring the PUK FM Local Top Ten for the past year and it’s our pleasure to present the best of the best in this compilation. (Please note that the list is compiled only from the charts that were available but does not cover every chart featured through the year.) Songs on the list were chosen for their movement in the top five positions.

We have an unusual situation whereby 6 of the songs featured on the charts have tied for the number 8 position, making for a top 10 of 13 songs in total. Confused? Don’t be. Just kick back and enjoy the tunes. More ties = more music after all!

#8 What Am I Gonna Do With You by Desmond & The Tutus (tied 8th)

#8 Happiest In Water by Forefront (tied 8th)

#8 We Could Be Divine by Khan & Karen Zoid (tied 8th)

#8 Weekend Shy Boy by Yo Grapes (tied 8th)

#8 Vir Jou by Karen Zoid (tied 8th)

#8 The Gift by Prime Circle (tied 8th)

#6 Sally by The Vanilla (tied 6th)

#6 Feel It by Grassy Spark ft Khaos Cotterell (tied 6th)

#5 Believe In Yourself by Satanic Dagga Orgy

#4 Smoke Town by Art Snakes

#2 Over and Over by Al Bairre (tied 2nd)

#2 Love To Share Grassy Spark ft. Bonj Mpanza (tied 2nd)

#1 Move It by Sunset Sweatshop

Please let us know what you think and we want to know the songs that do it for you, so drop us a line on the site or our social media pages.