You can listen to the PUKFM Local Top30 chart on Wednesday evenings between 6-9 pm. Go The Rodeo ft Matt and Trevor Wentworth are rocking number 1 this week with Glass Walls. Check who else is riding the chart.

#2 Sapphire by Diamond Thug

#3 Lose Myself by Ever Heard

We don’t have any media for this song right now, but you can listen to it here.

#4 I’ve Been Looking by Johnny Clegg ft Jesse Clegg

#5 Beautiful Evolution by Springbok Nude Girls

#6 Freak by Jeremy Loops

#7 Vlugvoetig by Kaleidoskoop

#8 Victim by Dre ft Deon Volschenk

#9 Niks en Nerens by Die Heuwels Fantasties

#10 Joshin’ Around by Cockles