Over recent years, South Africa has seen the local fertility industry boom, with growing demand for egg donations from both locals and foreigners coming here especially for the procedure. For more clarity on this process, we spoke to Nurture Egg Donor agency to find out more about egg donation, what it entails and why there is such a need for egg donors.

What exactly is egg donation and when did it start?

Egg donation is a method of assisted reproduction where a young, healthy woman donates a few of her eggs (anonymously) to a recipient who needs assistance with starting or adding to their family. The early 80’s saw the first children born from egg donations in Australia and America.

Why is there a need for egg donation?

There are various reasons a woman might not be able to produce eggs including premature ovarian failure, infertility due to poor egg quality or age, severe endometriosis or genetic disorders that she does not want to pass on.

Who can donate eggs?

In order to be considered as a Nurture donor, one needs to meet the criteria:
– Be between 19 – 32 years of age
– Be physically and emotionally healthy
– Have a healthy BMI (18 – 28)
– Have an active email address
– Be responsible and have integrity

How does the retrieval process work ?

Eggs are retrieved from the donor through transvaginal ultrasound aspiration – this is performed whilst the donor is under anaesthetic i.e. fast asleep! (there is no cutting or stitching)

What are the benefits of donating?

Most Nurture donors donate for altruistic reasons as it can be incredibly satisfying and powerful knowing you can give people hope. In addition to this you will be compensated R7,000 for your time, effort and travel.

Will I run out of eggs if I donate?

You are born with approximately 2 million eggs so there is little chance of running out!  Every month a few of the eggs enter a growth phase of which one egg will mature. If it isn’t fertilized it will be lost along with the rest of the eggs in that group.

How many doctor appointments will I have to attend?

If selected, you will need to attend a minimum of seven appointments, during regular office hours, over a 3 to 4 month period. A doctors note can be provided if you need it.

Is egg donation in South Africa anonymous between the donor and recipient?

Yes. Egg Donation is completely anonymous in South Africa.

Can I register to become a travelling donor?

Yes of course! Nurture works with clinics based in Cape Town, Johannesburg, Pretoria, Port Elizabeth and Durban. Your donation will most likely happen in the city closest to you, however we do have many women who stay far away from these host Cities and come on board as travelling donors, at no cost to themselves.

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