Planning a career in journalism? Get valuable experience as a Student News Grid contributor. You do not need to have studied journalism to apply, but you will need to be a competent writer. 

Student News Grid is looking for aspiring student journalists to contribute articles as we strive to reflect the diverse voices of students today. We offer a platform for aspiring journalists to build up an online portfolio to showcase your work, but are also open to contributions from anyone with a flair for writing, a story to tell or an eye for a good photo.

We are ideally looking for people who can commit to providing at least one article per week (more is welcome), but we are also happy to consider once-off or occasional submissions that are of sufficient quality and relevant to our readers. 

What it takes:

  • Self-starter who is ambitious and able to take initiative
  • Ability to meet deadlines, especially when writing news articles.
  • Curious, eager and motivated to uncover stories.
  • Perseverance when writing a story despite challenges.
  • Ethical in your approach to stories and sources.
  • Research skills – knowing how to source stories using social media and where to find the information you require in order to fully understand the topic before writing.
  • People willing and able to take part in weekly online news meetings

Who we aren’t looking for:

  • Students hoping to meet internship requirements without doing any work
  • Ppl what rite like dis all the thyme :p
  • Bigots, racists, misogynists or people seeking to promote questionable agendas

How we work:

SNG operates a virtual newsroom. Our full-time team is based in Cape Town, but we cover stories and maintain a contributor network across South Africa. We seek to cover stories of relevance to students across South Africa, with the dual purpose of providing a platform for student’s stories to be told, while providing content that is of interest to students.

Operating remotely, we rely on email, WhatsApp and other mobile channels to assign stories and give feedback. Although we will strive to give regular feedback and on-the-job training to improve your skills, contributors will need to be self motivated and able to work independently.

We are committed to journalistic ethics and believe a vibrant and responsible media is essential in a healthy democracy. In supporting  student journalists, we seek to help ensure that the next generation of reporters have the skills and integrity to to continue to play this important role in society.

How to apply

  • Please register on the website and log in.
  • Once you are logged in you will see a link appear below that you can use to download an application to complete.
  • Mail the application form  together with a short CV and motivational letter to

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