Generation Africa is looking for 12 young African journalists interested in development issues to participate in a mentoring and training programme addressing global issues. In particular, the program seeks individuals with a personal story that highlights the need to take action around global health, family planning, nutrition, agriculture, financial inclusion and gender equality.

Candidate criteria:
1) Must have a compelling personal story.
2) Your story relates to either health, development or poverty reduction.
3) Your story illustrates a challenge faced by others living in Africa.
4) Your English is fluent enough to benefit from a six-day course in the English language.
5) You are willing to have details of your personal story shared with the public.

Candidates must be available to attend a six-day training programme in Johannesburg late in February and early in March 2020. Training will cover communication techniques, public speaking and presentation skills, effective use of social media, handling the media and more. Participants will then be paired with a mentor to work on individual areas of development and share their stories.

Africa Generation is a network of young storytellers, with each one focusing on one or two of the Sustainable Development Goals. The programme has been developed by the Thompson Reuters Foundation and funded by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation.

If you would like to nominate someone who has a story with the power to change lives, please share it with us via the nomination form.

You can get more details and information on the Generation Africa website.