CactusLillie is the newly found unisex clothing brand breaking all the rules in the fashion game. The unisex brand began in July 2015. Friends and fashion lovers Prishaniee Naidoo and Tayla Lotz decided to create a brand that appealed to both men and women. Unisex clothing is a new market being introduced in South Africa with not many existing brands. This is one of the reasons why Naidoo and Lotz jumped at the opportunity to introduce South Africa to a new and unique style of fashion.

In this day and age, there are still aspects of our lives that are constrained by gender roles. The fashion industry is one example. Both Lotz and Naidoo have always been concerned with breaking the gender barrier within fashion. Naidoo explained that “being two females in an industry which can be male dominated just like most industries, we focus on gender equality in order to portray the fact that men and women should be treated equally and we want to encapsulate that in our brand.”

CactusLillie not only promotes gender equality but also allows “people to dress in a manner in which they feel fully expresses the person they are, without any predetermined conceptions inflicted by society.” Lotz and Naidoo aim to create fashion that has no boundaries and breaks fashion restrictions regarding gender. It is for this reason that Lotz and Naidoo set out for a more neutral style of clothing that both men and women are equally drawn to. The concept behind CactusLillie is a prime example of how the youth today in South Africa are breaking the constraints of gender stereotypes so that they may freely express themselves.

With such a unique concept comes a unique name. Naidoo explained that “CactusLillie comes from the two words cactus and Lilly, the two words represent opposites such as rough and sharp and smooth and delicate thus representing the stereotypical harsh male and delicate female.” Currently CactusLillie does not have any official outlets but the brand has its own online store and can also be found at local markets and pop up stores. For more information about this bold and unique brand visit The CactusLillie store online and let the future of gender equality within fashion become a part of who you are.

Written by: Leigh Septoo