Nsikayesizwe David Ngcobo, better known as Nasty C, is a 19-year-old South African rapper from Kwazulu-Natal who became famous within the South African hip hop scene with the release of his debut mixtape Price City, in April 2015.

The mixtape spawned the breakout hit “Juice back”, granting Nasty C further popularity. On 23 September 2016, he released his debut album Bad Hair. The album is a solid debut effort from the young artist, with great production, strong lyrical flow and meaningful lyrics throughout the album, but it suffers greatly from a lack of a distinct and unique identity.

The album opens off with “Inspiration”, with fellow SA rapper Cassper Nyovest talking about how Nasty C is a big influence for him, and how Nasty C is changing South African hip hop. This serves as an endorsement for listeners that Nasty C’s album is top quality.

“Squad goals” is a catchy, up-beat song about Nasty and his crew. This song adds a little diversity to the album by adding an element of fun, while at the same time establishes the notion that Nasty C and his team are not to be messed with. “Problems” featuring Erick Rush is another memorable song on the album. Both rappers talk about the problems they’ve encountered in their lives resulting from fame and the like. The combination of musical elements suits this track perfectly, with a catchy but meaningful chorus that sums up the main point of the song.

Although there are no bad songs on this album, there are quite a number of tracks that sound uninspired. The track “25” featuring Tellema uses sound elements that are similar to Jason Derulo’s song, “Wiggle.” The tracks “Check”, “Overload” and “Pressure” are all good in terms of technical aspects, but they don’t do much to hold your attention or stand out. Bad Hair, as a whole, is a solid debut effort from the young and talented rapper. The main problem here is that Nasty C still needs to find his own hip hop style different from that of other South African and American rappers. Despite this, the album is still a good listen, thanks to meaningful lyrics and great musical elements and strong guest contributors.


Written by: Kojo Essah