Tonplaygo is a highly addictive, competitive and visually enticing smartphone game rewarding skilful and loyal players with amazing prizes each week! The game is built as a Brand & Product Discovery Platform where players discover trendy and aspirational brands on their terms and winners end up with swag delivered to their doorstep.
Every game cycle a new challenge kicks off – the game is reset with new content and prizes, thus giving players a new chance to win, or win again!

Players start the challenge by selecting their first gaming category – currently the game features Pop Culture, Sport and Know It All trivia, and Puzzle Me, a picture puzzle game. A new game, called Roundabout will be launched very soon, enabling players who might not be the best at trivia or puzzles to have a better chance of winning BIG! Players can play ALL the gaming categories each week to up their chances of winning!

Before starting the game, players choose their potential prizes for that gaming category by using TonBucks to fill each level’s bag with amazing Swag. There are five bags per gaming category, each one bigger than the last! Players can BAG 5000 TonBucks (or up to R5000) worth of potential prizes in each gaming category!

Tonplaygo offers a big variety of prizes from amazing brands such as:

After bagging all their swag, players put their skills to the test by answering trivia and/or solving each level’s puzzle, depending on the gaming category they are playing. There are five levels customized for each gaming category and once players have answered enough questions correctly or solved the level’s puzzle, they’ll level up!

Levelling up unlocks that level’s BAG, making players eligible to win those prizes if they rank as a winner on the Tonplaygo leaderboard that week. Remember, players are playing against each other, as well as the clock, down to the last millisecond… They only have 30 seconds to answer each trivia question, but no time limit on the puzzles. Answer quickly to have the best chance of winning!

At the end of each weekly challenge, players are ranked on the Tonplaygo leaderboard according to their gaming score and total time taken to successfully complete each gameplay component, down to the last millisecond! They’ll be able to win in the category where they’ve ranked highest (if they played more than one) and the top ranking players for each gaming category will win the prizes they’ve bagged at certain status levels, depending on their Leaderboard ranking.

By taking part in weekly gaming challenges, players have the opportunity to engage in an immersive and friendly way with trendy fashion, cosmetics, tech and other lifestyle brands, with a large number of players winning their share of amazing prizes each week!


Prizes range from R5,000 for our top winners in each gaming category through to multiple R250 prizes each week!

Sound like something you want to try out? Then what are you waiting for? Go download it now!

The app can be downloaded for FREE from the iOS App Store and Google Play Store.

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