It may surprise student entrepreneurs, but many foundations and agencies offer help. Some offer funding for new startups, while others have mentorship or incubation programmes to provide new business owners with the skills they need.

We plan to add much more, but here are some of the larger places funding and supporting student entrepreneurs:

National Youth Development Agency (NYDA)

Type: South African government agency with several training and funding programmes on offer

The National Youth Development Agency (NYDA) was set up to address youth development issues. The NYDA offers youths information, career guidance, mentorship, skills development and training, entrepreneurial development and support.

Main website:

SAB Foundation

Type: NGO offering funding and mentorship for innovations; application is through competition entry 

The SAB Foundation provides funding for small, medium and micro-sized enterprises. It funds projects that contribute to the economic and social empowerment of historically disadvantaged people, focusing on women and people with disabilities.

The Raymond Ackerman Academy of Entrepreneurial Development

Type: Private academy offering training; paid courses but fees are heavily subsidised and bursaries are available)

The Raymond Ackerman Academy of Entrepreneurial Development (RAA) offers a six month programme in entrepreneurial development. The course is open to youth between the ages of 18 and 35 and runs twice a year.  Courses run from January to June and from July to December in Cape Town and Johannesburg.  You can apply here. Visit the website for more information. 

We will be adding in more information on help for student entrepreneurs

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