The countdown to the weekend has begun and PUKFM is bringing the tunes with their Local Top30 chart . You can listen to it every Wednesday between 6-9 pm. We are featuring the top ten songs as Indie Dog hit number 1 this week with You’re Free. Check who else is riding the chart.

#1 You’re Free by Índie Dog

#2 The Sham by Georgetown And The Moonies

#3 Onthou Jy Die Dae by Rooksein

#4 To The Streets by The Shabs

#5 Keep It Together by Matthew Mole

#6 Best Friend by Ashlinn Gray

#7 Perfect Hits by Dope Folks

#8 Die Heelal by Janie Bay ft EarlyB

#9 Atom Man by SonOfOld

#10 A Little More by You, Me and The Harmony