Tshepang Rihlampfu

On 8 February RAG of Hope Day was cancelled due to bad weather. The Reach out And Give (RAG) student structure of the University of Pretoria had planned the annual event aimed at giving back to charities through raising funds together with UP residences and other student structures. RAG of Hope Day is celebrated annually at the university’s Hillcrest Campus.

Due to harsh weather conditions, the event had to be cancelled as most of the activities that were due to take place on the day were mainly outdoor activities. The structure was concerned that it might be a liability to continue with the event as planned and instead decided to avoid the risk. Additionally, there was electrical equipment that was going to be used on the day which may have been damaged.

PDBY asked UP RAG about the cancellation and specifically if the event has been officially cancelled or if the event has been postponed to a later date. The response received from the structure’s executive committee was that there would be discussions taking place with the university’s executives to reach a decision on whether the event would be postponed or cancelled for the year.

Thus far, participating student structures have been put on hold and the chairperson of UP RAG has assured PDBY that full feedback regarding the event will be provided as soon as the University’s executives have reached a conclusion.