Laying in nature

by Alexa Midnight

I lay there, looking up,

As the branches split the sky apart.

A gentle breeze on my skin,

feeling like I belong to the wind.

I’m not really thinking,

but also I am,

I’m thinking about thought itself

or not thinking at all.

The sun is shining on my face,

it spreads a warmth through my soul.

The only feeling it gives, is nothing at all

Is this how complete freedom feels?

Or is this just a vague concept of that emotion?

Alone am I. but never lonely.

Or I am feeling at one

with nature itself.

But my perfect picture is broken,

when a car passes by

the air gets angry and black,

the trees start to shake from sadness,

the clouds shift themselves

and the sun hides his face.

We are the biggest corruption of nature.

We are the ruined, and so we ruin

our earth,

Pollute the air.

Drain the water.

Non other, than us.

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