Kompleks is the interwoven story of two people in two different times of their lives. In the first timeline, Sean and Mika are teenagers enjoying the winter holiday of 2019. The two youngsters barely know each other and meet by chance one afternoon – the connection between the two is immediate. Both teenagers have their own tough family dynamics to navigate, with mothers who are hardly home and fathers who are disinterested in the lives of their children. In the second timeline, viewers meet Sean and Mika as adults; Sean is a skilled actuary who left his dream of being a concert cellist behind him, and Mika is a widowed graphic designer and mother to 16-year-old Frida. The two timelines are narrated by stalwart of the Afrikaans music scene, Koos Kombuis. The show makes use of split-screen filming which allows viewers to watch the characters on the screen while also seeing what is happening on the screens of the character’s phones; the relationships in the show play out as we’re used to in real life: through a combination of video calls, social media, and messaging apps. The writer of Kompleks, Louis Pretorius, is responsible for

a number of other popular Afrikaans TV series, including Die Boekklub, Die Boland Moorde, and Fynskrif. The characters are well thought-out and appear on your screen as if they were real people you have known for years; there is incredible depth within the characters and their background stories even within the short span of the first two episodes of the series. Kompleks is far from your run-of-the-mill romance story; the complexity of the two timelines leaves viewers questioning when and where the two might intersect. Small, seemingly insignificant ‘easter eggs’ have been left in the background of the teenage timeline, which then appear in the later timeline and vice versa. Throughout the tunnels of time and space which separate the teenage timeline from the adult timeline, there exists a faint connection between these two individuals; a connection which seems to lead them to one another time and time again. The intricate and beautiful writing of the series is only enhanced by the talented actors and actresses tasked with portraying the various characters. The teenage Sean and Mika are played by Arthur Falko and Melissa Myburgh respectively; while their adult counterparts are Armand Aucamp (Die Boekklub) and Roeline Daneel (Fynskrif). Familiar names Stian Bam, Milan Murray, Therese Bam, and Paul du Toit round out the cast as the parents of teenage Sean and Mika. The team is guided by actress-turned-director Tinarie van Wyk-Loots.

Kompleks airs on KykNET and is available on DSTV Catch Up and Showmax. This show is for fans of great writing, dynamic and dimensional characters, talented actors and actresses, and a love story that spans time and space.


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