This is a top 10 list of fantastic South African and African Bookstagrammers on Instagram that PDBY recommends if you want to know more about African literature, read reviews, and generally engage with the Instagram bookish community.

@flowahh_ (4936 followers)

What she does: Book reviews paired with makeup looks (#booksaslewks). Mostly African literature, poetry, and some non-fiction. If you love beautiful makeup and thoughtful reviews, check her out.

@pretty_x_bookish (14.8K followers)

What she does: Reviews, books hauls, YouTube videos, and general bookishness. She mostly reviews fantasy, African literature and non-fiction literature. Bold, beautiful colours and contentious reviews will brighten your day. (2914 followers)

What he does: Book reviews, bookish tik toks and unboxings.

Mostly of sci-fi, fantasy and fiction literature.

@bookomoso (5164 followers)

What she does: Instagram live read aloud sessions and reviews of African literature, occasional giveaways, and YouTube videos. Mostly reviews African literature, children’s literature and fiction. An authentic, inspiring account that will remind you why you love reading.

@harvestbooksza (1000 followers)

What they do: Sell preloved African literature at accessible prices. They then use the profits to fund reading competitions for children in Shirley Village, Limpopo.

@sreddyn (2308 followers)

What he does: Shares thoughts, reviews and questions about African and Caribbean literature and poetry. He is a Taiwanese-South African living in the USA who caters for those people who want something more quiet and reflective.

@boipeloreviewsbooks (1082 followers)

What she does: Reviews and shares happy thoughts about African literature. Visit their page for your weekly dose of fun reviews.

@namis.nook (810 followers)

What she does: Book blogging and reviews and fun bookish videos. Mostly African literature, romance/chick lit and fiction. Her reels will keep you repeatedly coming back for more.

@booklover_lauren (1480 follwers)

What she does: Reviews and giveaways involving mostly African literature, reflective fiction and fantasy. Go for the aesthetic and stay for the reviews.

@sabookworm (1435 followers)

What they does: Mainly wrap ups, reviews, and feminist thoughts about various fictional characters. Mostly African literature, romance, non-fiction and classics. If you enjoy a wide range of books and interesting reviews, head their way.

We include a sneaky peak at #11: PDBY’s own @kendalldoesbooks, who shares her thoughts on African literature, fantasy and speculative fiction. Head on over to her page to say hi and have thoughful discussions.

Illustration: Cassandra Eardley

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