From 1 June universities began to open in phases. The Higher Health-National Department of Health (NDOH) is launching an Integrated Digital COVID-19 daily risk screening system for the Post-Schooling Education and Training Sector (PSET), to save lives while saving the academic year.

HealthCheck is a tailor-made risk screening assessment and mapping tool. The tool was developed in a short time frame by Higher Health, with the Department of Health, to meet the deadline of the reopening of universities under level 3 national lockdown regulations. HealthCheck allows for early screening, detection, mapping, and management of COVID-19 cases within the PSET Sector. It is easy to use and is accessible on different platforms such as USSD (Data free), WhatsApp and a web-based form.

It is mandatory for students and staff to screen daily before being allowed to access a campus, so HealthCheck can be used for all staff, students and any other service provider before entering a university campus or residence. It will assist with the early detection of potentially infected individuals, thereby allowing them to be isolated to prevent any further spread. This will also link such individuals to the necessary care through the NDOH and National Institute for Communicable Diseases (NICD) tracking and tracing system. HealthCheck is aligned to the NDOH screening protocols and algorithms.

According to Higher Health, in order to receive an ‘all clear’ from HealthCheck to enter a university campus, one must be a low risk individual. Students and staff have to fill in their personal details and will be asked a series of questions aligned to the symptomology of COVID-19 and HealthCheck will generate a risk rating based on how you answered the questions.

HealthCheck is a tailor-made risk screening assessment and mapping tool.

HeathCheck does not work as a standalone tool. Higher Health put together guidelines and protocols aligned to the NDOH and NICD guidelines for all campuses, and they advocate that each campus sets up a mass screening station where one can access representatives who have been trained in the guidelines and protocols for COVID-19. This mass screening station gives students the opportunity to have temperature screening coupled with the HealthCheck app. The tool helps to have quick access to campus so that there are no unnecessary delays at campus entrances. Students are encouraged to complete their HealthCheck assessments prior to leaving their residences or places of accommodation.

Upon completing the screening assessment, individuals will be provided with a clearance certificate valid for 24 hours with his/her name, date, time, and can be used for quick entry to university campuses and residences. Those identified as moderate to high risk for COVID-19 will be guided by HealthCheck towards further isolation, testing and care. It will be mandatory to present your results before being granted access to campus.

Higher Health encourages people to utilise the tool for their own safety and the safety of their peers and family members. The intention of the tool is to aid in generating useful resources for students themselves so that COVID-19 does not become a stigmatised disease or infection like HIV. It encourages prevention methodologies, good personal hygiene, physical and social distancing. With campuses reopening, students need to maintain physical distancing, and maintain social solidarity. The tool is not intended to stigmatise or isolate people, but rather assist people and curb the spread of COVID-19 with early detection and isolation.

Ways to access HealthCheck:

Download using the URL for the webform:

Add to WhatsApp contacts: 0600 11 0000

Dial using USSD line *134*832*2#


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